Cargo Transportation

Cargo is one of the main services of GVK transports. We have company-owned cargo and provide transportation services for copper coils, iron, steel, minerals, and kind of raw material through our fleets all over the country. With years of expertise and a nationwide network, we help our customers establish a seamless flow of transportation and overcome the challenge of the transfer of materials from the producer of mineral resources to the consumer. The main business contract for GVK Transports is from the Ultratech and Juwari cement, where they change the vehicles every 5 years to run the business in an efficient manner.

We offer a variety of services and advanced technologies to maximize your peace of mind and facilitate the entire transport process. Our professional team stays in close, continual contact, ensuring that every cargo benefits from genuine first-class care. And that's not all: GVK transport helps you keep a careful eye on your cargo from start (source location) to finish (destination location), ensuring that your business is progressing smoothly and without glitches.

Raw Materialr Supply

Whether you are moving materials to a customer’s production facility or collecting them from the supplier, GVK transports help you transport your raw materials seamlessly across its extensive transportation services. We offer reliable, personalized services for the dynamic needs of our customers and ensure that all the processes are hassle free and seamless. Our main contracts are based in the Cement Industry and our expertise covers Iron Ore, Coal, Gypsum, and other Raw material transportation. Our specialists haul materials by the hour, by the tonnage, or by the load for the best rates in town.

We’ll integrate technology and innovation with our expertise and ensure that your transportation needs are met with maximum efficiency and minimum carbon footprint.

Construction Machinery

The construction industry is a highly demanding industry that has unique transportation needs from time to time. It comes with a number of challenges of transporting heavyweight loads, oversized materials, difficult delivery sites, and the need of transporting special equipment. Moreover, building products are in high demand and we never know when there’s a gap created between demand and supply. This industry demands a reliable transportation partner who provides solid and steady support to transport a variety of construction materials safely and efficiently.

This is where GVK transport comes into the picture. We are well equipped for all kinds of needs required for the Construction industry. We can easily handle the loading, unloading, seasonal disruption aspects as well and can help overcome the drawbacks such as the transportation distance, quantity of material, the dimension of the material, and the mode of transport, with our years of operational and technical expertise. We work along with clients and provide solutions that allow our construction clients to focus on their core business without worrying about handling materials transportation.

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